"Kovačnica Sakramentski" d.o.o.

- established in 1884 -

Our beginnings are connected to the period when we started blacksmithing as an old-fashioned workshop, which developed and expanded over time. A strong family tradition and a desire to preserve the name and quality have survived every Balkan crise and war. We exist after so many years, and develop and improve day by day, keeping up with the times and development of technology.
As a company that constantly develops, we are currently engaged in the production of wrought iron and inox. From the technical point of view, we have enriched our production with machines for serial production of products made from ferrous metal, inox and other types of stainless steel. We offer TIG and MAG welding services, forging, tailoring and the sales of finished elements for the manufacture of fences, structures and other forged products.
Our products adorn many households and countries in the region. Our reputation is justified by numerous residential buildings, office buildings, restaurants and villas that represent our best advertistment. In addition to the beauty that our products provide to facilities (both externally and internally), there are also serial products for domestic and large foreign industrial needs. We would like to point out that about 80% of our products are exported to the European Union countries.
“Kovačnica Sakramentski” d.o.o. employs 30 employees, headed by director Vasilije Mitrović.
Our priority is a satisfied customer, both in terms of product quality and delivery time, which allows us to continue to exist in the market.


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Back in 1884 in the village of Jasenica near Tuzla the first hammer struck. Vasilije Mitrović founded a smithy with an unusual and symbolic name “Sakramentski”, whose symbolism means – “give me an advance payment, so that I know you’ll take the product”. The newly established smithy worked for both its inhabitants and the inhabitants of surrounding villages. Step by step, the reputation about the quality was gained and spread far and wide. Fewer and fewer people associated with the name Vasilije Mitrović, and more and more heard about Sakramentski – a man of words and deeds.

The craft was passed down for generations, from one to another, until the unpaid karmic debts both of his family and the country he lived in took their toll and closed the famous smithy “Sakramentski”. The circumstances did destroy the smithy, but not the blood running through the Mitrović family, the blood which reincarnated into a new Vasilije Mitrović through the forge work of the modern age.

Hearing about the story of his ancestor, the namesake, Vasilije knew it was his call and the life path he should take. Motivated by a strong desire to renew and preserve the tradition, Vasilije Mitrović started a smithy in 2001. In accordance with modest possibilities at the time, the only premises he could afford were those in the former Culture Center in the village of Zabrđe, Municipality Ugljevik.
Guided by the fact that no great thing was created overnight, he began a new chapter in his life.
Sledgehammer by sledgehammer, weld by weld, a few pegs in the eye, a number of jobs followed, and from a small smithy, “Sakramentski” turned into a limited liability company in 2007, and in 2009 changed its headquarters and moved to Bijeljina Business Zone, Hase where it is located today.
On the area of ​​about 13,000 square meters, a hard-working team creates, builds and makes headway under the slogan: “BOLD, DIFFERENT, FIRST”.



We cut the following materials efficiently and quickly on a 6000x2000mm:
• Ferrous metal: up to 20mm
• Stainless steel: up to 12mm
• Galvanized sheet metal: up to 4mm
• Aluminum: up to 10mm
• Brass: up to 4mm
• Copper: up to 4mm

On the work table of 3000x1500mm we perform cutting by:
• plasma: up to 12mm
• oxygen: up to 200mm

We provide sheet metal bending services to the following lengths
• 7200mm, thickness up to 12mm
• 4100mm, thickness up to 15mm
• 3100mm, thickness up to 18mm

Processing of all types of metals on a modern CNC lathe.
Machine capacity:
• Maximum working length of workpiece – 515mm
• Maximum / minimum workpiece diameter – Ø65 / 16mm

Processing of all types of metals on a modern milling machine.
Machine capacity:
• Desk size – 1300x570mm
• Table load – up to 1000kg

We provide pipe bending services for pipes made from ferrous metal and stainless steel.
Machine capacity:
• pipe wall thickness – 1.5mm
• pipe length – 6000mm
• maximum bending angle – up to 180°
• maximum / minimum pipe diameter Ø50.8 / 16mm